Self Growth With ‘Shrooms: The Good, the Bad, and the Fungli; Top 2 Reasons to AVOID Magic Mushrooms.

The reason I first started doing research on psychedelics, particularly magic mushrooms (psilocybin), was to see how I can unlock some kind of uncharted territory in my brain, after hearing about them from Leo Gura (youtube guy).

As a “self development junky”, (though I don’t particularly like that term because it implies some kind of unhealthy addiction), I was intrigued at the various research pieces done by psychologists, meditation gurus, and just those who were into self development from the past 5 decades.

Their results?

They all basically described psychedelics as an accelerator towards personal growth and CONSCIOUS AWAKENING.

The research was clear that psychedelics are a helpful tool to help people move forward in life by:

  • increasing self awareness
  • boosting creativity
  • gaining clarity
  • making life choices so much easier
  • finding peace and happiness

Sounds like all good stuff, right?

Now, when I started asking around about others’ experiences, I received a completely different picture of what ‘shrooms, (a.k.a. magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, like LSD) were all about and their experience with them (feel free to ask your dad).

Not surprisingly, of course, EVERYONE (and my mother) had an opinion, whether they’ve tried these plant medicines (as the Shamans call them) or not. As you’re reading this, you already likely have an opinion, especially if you’ve never tried it.

Thoughts like, “drugs are bad!”, “’shrooms are addictive!”, “it’s just an escape, no better than alcohol,” may be popping up in your mind right now.

Am I right?

Oh and one more, it’s ILLEGAL. “You can go to jail or get fired from your job!”

Oy, the Horror!

The people I’ve interviewed, all came at me with crude warnings and how crappy their experiences (and those of their friends) were while taking a trip on the magic mushrooms.

The following were all personal experiences and SIDE EFFECTS of the people I’ve spoken to:

  • non-stop diarrhea and vomiting for 6 hours straight
  • being chased by monsters
  • a friend’s blond hair was fire (her head was on fire, basically)
  • discomfort being around people and seeing others as giants
  • paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks
  • various unpleasant hallucinations

And these are the WARNINGS I got from people and google:

  • don’t look in the mirror!
  • don’t do it in a stranger’s house!
  • don’t do it in the woods!
  • don’t do it where there are windows or sharp objects!

All those warnings are FAKE NEWS.

Ironically, despite the positive SCIENTIFIC research on taking psilocybin (‘shrooms), the latter warnings and the friends’ experiences were a bit scary (particularly the seeing monsters and the diarrhea ones). I thought, “is this even worth looking into?”

And yet! I was curious: WHY SUCH a LARGE DIFFERENCE of OPINION?

As I did more research, it became crystal clear what factors bring such different experiences. The ONE factor that made ALL the difference in whether you’ll have a “good trip” or a “bad” one (as the professionals call it) is your INTENTION.

What the hell does your intention have to do with it?

Everything, damn it!


There are 3 major reasons why people use magic mushrooms:

  1. To get away from reality, to get numb, to block the pain
  2. To have fun, because they’re bored
  3. To grow psychologically and spiritually

If one’s intention is reasons 1 and 2, they’ll have a bad trip 95% of the time, especially if it’s their first time.


Because they’re UNWILLING TO LOOK WITHIN themselves to figure things out, and the mushrooms do JUST THAT.

THEY HELP YOU LOOK WITHIN and FIND YOURSELF. So it’s no wonder this category of people flip out during the experience.

They aren’t ready!

If you fit into that 3rd intention, to grow yourself, you’ll likely have an AWESOME trip and gain a ton of insights which will improve your quality of life (if done the right way, with an experienced guide).

Make sense?

I shortly realized that the people who had the “bad trips” were HALF ASLEEP (on the consciousness/awareness scheme of things) and spent almost no time on personal development (school and college doesn’t count).

Then one day, a few months into my research, I knew I was READY.


The voice in my head told me. Duh.

There are a few rules one must follow in order to get the most out of the experience with psychedelics. I won’t go into that here, but I followed them to the T (except the rule of not doing it with a stranger).

How was my experience? Beyond AMAZING.

It lasted about 6 hours, I had no paranoia, no anxiety, no scary hallucinations (just some teddy bears and bunnies when I closed my eyes!), and no abnormal bodily functions! Phew!

BUT, the experience wasn’t the best part, as the downloads (a.k.a. epiphanies and insights) continued to happen DAILY for the next 2-5 weeks!

I stopped caring about others’ opinions (detaching from toxic people), I was able to reconnect with my emotions and be open and vulnerable with myself and others (in a healthy way), I felt comfortable in my own skin, I was mindful and present in each moment, I could clearly set personal boundaries, and I knew EXACTLY which direction to take my business and my personal life to.

I made several life-changing decisions during that time by wholeheartedly following my intuition, and it was EASY (as pie).

In conclusion?

When you know what you WANT, and WHY you want it, all the noise and clutter just fall away.

So, would I recommend you dipping your toes into the hidden realms of your subconscious with the help of an awesome tool like magic mushrooms?

That’s a decision YOU need to make.

Now, do you want to play it safe or do you want to FLY?


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